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Serving the intersection of cloud, big-data and natural language processing

Got lots of text you need to make sense of and gain insights from? We can create custom natural language processing (NLP) pipelines to make your text useful. Using our NLP Building Blocks and NLP Flow we can make an affordable, efficient pipeline to ingest and process your text either in your on-premise hardware or in the cloud. We can design pipelines for named-entity extraction, document classification, translation, and other purposes.

What makes us different?

Our products are free and most are open source. You are welcome to use them without spending any money and we will even help you get started.

How to get going?

 Contact us to start a conversation! We’ll be glad to schedule some time to walk you through a complimentary demo to learn more about our products and services.

Highlighted Solutions

Examples of our services in real-world scenarios.


Extracting Patient Names, Hospitals, and Drugs with Idyl NLP

Law Enforcement

Using the NLP Building Blocks with Apache NiFi to Perform Named-Entity Extraction on Logical Entity Exchange Specifications (LEXS) Documents