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We provide services and products around the intersections of cloud computing, big-data, and natural language processing (NLP). We specialize in bringing these areas together to solve challenges for today and the future. Each of these ecosystems are rapidly changing and it can be challenging to know what technology your business needs to overcome its challenges. We enjoy engaging with our clients to solve their problems specific to each of them. It is our passion.

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We like to attend and present our work at conferences to share our work with the community and to learn from the community. Our work is our passion.

Our Services

In addition to our commercial products Philter and Phinder, we offer custom development and consulting services in the areas of cloud, big-data, and natural language processing. Our team’s unique combination of skills allows us to exceed our clients’ expectations across a wide technology set. We strive to stay current on the newest technologies so we can extend those capabilities to our clients.

Through our work we have made available several datasets in the hope they will benefit the community.

About our Founder

The founder of Mountain Fog is Jeff Zemerick.

Jeff founded Mountain Fog to help users navigate the intersections of cloud, big-data, and natural language processing. He believes those three areas constantly intersect across industries in new and exciting ways. Jeff is at heart a software engineer, holds multiple Amazon Web Services certifications, an elected member of the Apache Software Foundation, and an Apache OpenNLP project committer.

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